bio-masters-d-con-backdrop2The Bio-Masters store is now open with our very first production figure, the Bio-Mass Monster! The pre-order will be open all this week and end Friday the 11th.

First, we have two Designer Con 2016 figures available.
• T2 Prototype in lime green (very limited run) $50
• Type Zero in grey/green with black eye paint $14
This special run was created just for Designer Con. There is an option available to allow these two items to be shipped out directly after the convention. If you want these two items to ship before any pre-order items, YOU MUST add the “Special Advance Shipping Option.” Otherwise they will be held with your order and shipped out with the pre-order items in December or January.

Second, we have the Wave One pre-order.
These three figures are for pre-order and will ship in late-December or early January.
• Bio-Mass Monster Standard Endrax deluxe painted figure $18
• Bio-Mass Monster Oozarian (This figure matches the translucent Battle Tribes’
Oozarian Warrior!) $16
• Bio-Mass Slitherhook Oozarian parts pack $5
• Bio-Mass Clawflap Oozarian parts pack $5
• Bio-Mass Monster Nuklerios (This figure glows in the dark!) $18
• Bio-Mass Slitherhook Nuklerios parts pack $5
• Bio-Mass Clawflap Nuklerios parts pack $5

Thank you for the support you have shown the Bio-Masters so far. Matt,
Marty and I have worked really hard on these figures and look forward to seeing
all the great monstrosities we are all going to build together.