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Bio-Masters: Crash Land

Crash Land! Here is a wonderful mini comic illustrated by the amazing Dillon Wheelock. Enjoy!!


Bio-Masters Drop 9: Fire and Fiends

Once again we come off another successful drop and hop right into some
cool new stuff. I want to thank everyone for the support. You guys are
the reason we get to keep doing this! So, Thank You all for the
continued love for this crazy figure, it really is amazing.

This Drop we have a couple very different Bio-Mass Monsters that have
evolved across the galaxy in two vastly different environments.

First up we have the Vampiric Eclipse Bio-Mass Monster. This evil
menace has infested a Zullen supply ship and turned the whole crew
into his own personal nightmareish vampire army.

Next up we have The Volcanic Bio-Mass Monster. This Bio-Mass Monster
has been trapped inside the planets core for millions of years and he
has emerged angry and full of fire……..literally. Spewwing lava and
ash he terrorizes The Realms and its inhabitants.

We will also have very low stock of unpainteds for both White and 185 Red.

Again, Thank you all. Now, on to more madness!


Baalidraxis invades!

New Drop: TONIGHT August 10th at 9 P.M. CST

Baalidraxis, What part will he play in the big scheme of things………… we’ll see some of that play out over the course of the next couple drops. He is just the beginning.

Drop 6: The Hounds of Corruption.

Store goes live tonight at 9 CST!!!

Drop 5: The Deconstructors this Friday night 24th at 9:00 P.M. CST

Brain Waves!

Bio-Masters Brain Waves Drop 4 tonight at 9:00 P.M. CST

Are you brave enough to enter The Fortress of Terror?

Store is Now Open!!!

Bio-Masters Store is Live!

These brand new Bio-Mass Monster figures will join the fray along side Matt Doughty’s Onell release and Marty Hansen’s latest Kabuto Mushi wave!

What mystery brings these creatures in contact with Rayexx Pheyden? Find out soon!

First Up is the Rayexx Spliced Bio-Mass Monster. This figure contains 21 pieces and a brand new crazy set of Tampos that you need to see to believe.

Second, we have the Neo Nonillia Bio-Mass Monster. This figure contains 21 pieces and is LOADED with glitter!!! The nature of the Bio-Mass core body really displays the amazing amount of glitter sprinkled throughout the figure. It really is an amazing addition to the ever growing Neo Nonillia color way.

Bio-Masters Store has been reopened

The Store has been reopened.

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